How to make your offer stand out over others

It’s a seller’s market, meaning multiple people are submitting offers for the same home. While you may think you are in a great position, make sure you have put yourself in the best buying position with the following steps:

Make sure you have a well known, well respected real estate agent. 

By having a well known and well respected realtor, a seller is more likely to accept your offer because they have confidence that your realtor knows what they are doing and what needs to happen to ensure a timely closing. Confidence in your team is important to make transactions happen smoothly.

Get pre-approved. 

Make sure that you have submitted all of your income documents to your lender. This ensures that you are qualified for the home you are trying to purchase, as well as minimizes hiccups down the road. Sellers see a fully pre-approved client as more desirable than someone who has not completed all those steps. 

Ensure you have no contingencies on your offer. 

Each contingency you have can be seen as a threat to your new purchase. If you have to sell your current home still or have to save for a down payment, this could potentially extend closing dates and delay the seller from selling their home. 

Write a letter to the sellers telling them why you would be a perfect fit for the property. 

While this may sound corny, it works. A seller may be moved by your letter, causing them to accept your offer over others. 

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