What do appraisers look for?

When determining a house’s value, an appraiser may look at a few key things. An appraiser typically has a very good idea of what your home is worth before they even come look at it. That means that your last second clean-up shouldn’t have an impact on the value of your home. The main areas of focus are any damage to the dwelling, not so much the cleanliness of it unless that is causing damage. 

What are appraisers looking for?


  • The site Location, lot size, zoning, curb appeal, landscaping
  • Design Quality of the home, finished work
  • Condition Age, upgrades, deterioration
  • Health and safety Structural integrity
  • Size Size of livable home
  • Neighborhood School zoning, surrounding homes, area
  • Parking Garage parking, street parking, etc. 


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